About us

Hi again, thanks for popping by! I’m Chris, founder of Paper Isle, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about our story.

We’re a family business, started off by my father (Alan) sourcing cards from other makers, stocking them in friendly neighbourhood shops around the country.

Around 1998, just as Titanic was winning a truckload of Oscars and there was a cool new thing called “the internet”, we decided to start a new brand and website. For a couple of manic ‘startup’ years, we tried to get some traction before thinking “why not try designing and printing our own cards”. Easy, right? Hmmm, not quite so easy after all!

Despite having a background in psychology, I decided to turn my hand to graphic design. And despite having zero print experience, we bought a highly specialised litho printing press and a bunch of equipment. Crazy really, wasn’t it?! I won’t lie, the first couple of years were tough but slowly…eventually…we began to develop our skills and somehow managed to become an industry leader in the corporate market.

At this point my talented wife, Christina, came on board. Luckily enough, not only was she an award winning jeweller, but also a very skilled painter (co-incidence, honest!) and she added some critically acclaimed artwork to our range.

Fast forward a few more years, after thousands of rave reviews and constantly being asked for other products, we decided to branch out to the beautiful creations you’ll find here on Paper Isle. As well as our greetings cards and personalised stationary, you’ll also find a stunning range of artisan gifts. Many of them are handmade in the UK, as well as items from around the world that have been ethically and sustainably sourced through organisations that directly benefit the makers. And we’ll be adding more unique items all the time.

We’re so happy you could be part of this journey, so please get in touch, we’re always delighted to hear from you!